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General Information

The two Canteras la Ponderosa, S.A. production centres in Spain are located in the mountain region of the Catalan Coastal Range:

The Alcover quarry is rich in material from the TRIASSIC geological period, specifically the LOWER MUSCHELKALK sub-period, with an average thickness of 70-90 m, and consisting of microcrystalline limestone.
 The Riudecols mine, designated Puig Mari, is rich in Palaeozoic (Carboniferous) materials used for a large number of granodiorite dykes, associated with granitic plutons that appear to the north and east of the area.
These plutons represent the base of Priorato's structural unit.

Designation of aggregates

AF  or  AG - T - d/D - C  or  P
AF:  Fine Aggregate
AG:  Coarse Aggregate
T:  Crushed
d/D:  small diameter / large Diameter (particle size)
C: Nature of rock (limestone)
P: Nature of rock (Granitic Porphyry)
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