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Environmental Concern

Canteras La Ponderosa S.A. is not only committed to sustainable development but we are also concerned about excessive CO2 emissions. For this reason we abide by the current European directives implemented for rail or maritime development, given that the cost per tonne transported is less polluting. For some time, the aggregates market has been involved in caring for the environment.

The harmonious coexistence between the quarries and society is very important. That is why we encourage the efficient consumption of aggregates and minimising the impact of extractive industries. Care in the preservation of the environment is becoming more effective and the regional laws ensure the reforestation of the quarries to protect the territory.

Years ago, the employer was not required to restore the environment in which mining activities were carried out. There were but a few minimal and essential requirements. An example of Canteras La Ponderosa S.A.'s participation in improving sustainability is cooperation in the EU "Eco-Quarry" restoration project of quarries for the Mediterranean.


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