Engineering and technical assistance

Our extensive experience in mining and milling enables us to offer our clients knowledge gained as an added value. Call us for a case study.

Transport of aggregates, asphalt and concrete

We have our own transport equipment for the transport of aggregates and asphalt from our plants to the construction site. Our lorries have GPS location systems which enable our clients to know their precise location.


AVE tunnels rail washer

Tunnels washing systems for cleaning dust and slag along the new routes of the Spanish AVE high-speed train.
System specially designed to descale the remains of the construction material residue and dust before putting the AVE rail lines into use. This service prevents possible tunnel wall residue detachments, thus increasing safety.

Direct construction site service

One of the important services Canteras La Ponderosa, S.A. offers is the transport and installation of the latest technology in machinery for executing certain processes directly on site.
Our machinery fleet includes numerous mobile equipment, enabling us to provide various services on site, such as crushing.

Machinery hire

Machinery hire for carrying out certain tasks is another service which Canteras La Ponderosa, S.A. offers.