Participation in the Spanish high-speed train project

Canteras La Ponderosa, S.A., BALLAST provider approved by ADIF, provides products and services for the Spanish High Speed rail network "Alta Velocidad Española" (AVE)
AVE Line: Madrid - Valencia - Murcia AVE Line: Madrid - Zaragoza - Barcelona - French Border

Since 1999, we have been participating in the construction of the AVE high-speed sections running from Madrid - Zaragoza - Barcelona - French Border, and running from Madrid - Castilla la Mancha - Valencia - Murcia. Currently, we are participating in the AVE line sections running from Madrid - Valencia, and Barcelona - Girona. We are the ballast provider approved by ADIF.

Construction of the high-speed rail line

Construction of the high-speed rail line

Doing the job right ensures us more work

Participation in the following AVE Spanish high-speed train construction sites:
Two lines:
  • Madrid - Zaragoza - Barcelona - French Border.
  • Madrid - Valencia - Murcia.
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