Granite Quarry

Our quarries are located in a unique position in our sector, near the Port of Tarragona, and with a long history of material production for the high-speed rail.

Our quarries are strategically located, near the Port of Tarragona

Granite quarry in Riudecols. Opencast mining of granitic porphyry that is then crushed and classified for concrete and asphalt plants and civil works in general. Materials such as sand, gravel, graded aggregates, ballast for railroads and riprap. Aggregate processing plant and transport of aggregates. Ballast supplier for high-speed rail line (ADIF) since 1998.

The Riudecols mine, designated Puig Mari, is rich in Palaeozoic (Carboniferous) materials used for a large number of granodiorite dykes, associated with granitic plutons that appear to the north and east of the area. These plutons represent the base of Priorato's structural unit.